We're proud to announce that Chef David Malbequi will be participating in this year NWCWFF Burger Bash Friday, October 14th 7pm-10pm at Pier 92 - 52nd St. and West Side Highway. Head over to the NYCWFF site for tickets.

Chef David Malbequi, a veteran of numerous renowned Michelin-­‐ starred kitchens, began his career training with an array of reputable chefs in his native France. At the age of 15, Malbequi started a 21⁄2-­‐year apprenticeship, spending his teenage years studying and working in the kitchen at La Toque Blanche. Upon completion, the ambitious young chef spent several rigorous years honing his skills at every station from pâstissier to grillardin and everything in between at a myriad of illustrious restaurants, including two-­‐Michelin-­‐starred Château de Lalande (France), three-­‐Michelin-­‐starred La Tante Claire (London), Michel Guérard’s three-­‐Michelin-­‐starred Les Prés d’Eugénie (France) and two-­‐Michelin-­‐starred La Rochelle (France). At the age of 23, Malbequi was offered a position at Daniel Boulud’s critically acclaimed Daniel and the young chef crossed the pond to New York City.

Malbequi’s refined technique, drive and passion brought him into Manhattan’s finest kitchens, including six years at Daniel, five years with Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Group and one year as Banquet Chef at The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room before tackling the job of opening chef for La Silhouette and Prima. Malbequi then moved on to become the Executive Chef at Rotisserie Georgette before opening his own NYC based restaurant David’s Café in 2015 with Co-­Owner Daniel Rivera.

With over two decades of experience and expertise, Malbequi is excited to finally have a place to call his own, where he can mentor and support the next generation of great chefs. His immense passion for cooking combined with Rivera’s industry acumen has resulted in a casual dining environment with high-end flavors and supreme service that is destined to become an East Village favorite.

Inspired by his wife Emily, Malbequi has fused his French technique and sophistication with her American palate, resulting in an inviting menu that will appease the city’s diners. When not cooking, David likes to spend his time fishing in Montauk, playing tennis and barbequing.